IC / RFID Card Issuing Machine

IC / RFID Card Issuing Machine

  • Model NO. SK-AD3
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Basic Information
Product Description


* Supports ISO7816-2 contact type IC card reading/writing

* Supports ISO14443-A contactless Type A/B card reading/writing

* Unique dispensing wheel design: is capable of issuing various embossing cards accurately

* Automatic internal adjustment: ensures accurate issuing cards of different thicknesses

* Multi functions in one device: provide IC/RF card reading/writing, issuing/collecting functions and effectively saves space for the complete machine

* Rear card capture box: provides convenience for card management

* Simple collection channel design: satisfies user requirement for large collection amount

* Multiple sensors: are able to judge the card position and indicate the card status

* Scientific card transfer wheel design: automatically avoids dust accumulation which will lead to slippage

*High-strength wearable plastic channel: is adopted to reduce the risk of metal shielding and increase the success rate of RF card reading/writing

* Multiple levels of sensor circuit protection: prevents optical interference

* PCSC protocol: is available


Communication Method

USB (PC/SC)/ RS232 (optional)

Operating Conditions

Power Supply

DC24V±5%, 2.5A

Quiescent Current


Default Baud Rate


Card Stacker Capacity

175 pcs (0.76mm standard card)

130 pcs (0.76mm embossing card)

350 pcs (0.4mm thickness)

Capture Box Capacity

25 pcs (0.76mm standard card)

Capture Box Capacity

25 pcs (0.76mm standard card)

Service Life

Issuing Life

1,000,000 passes min.

IC Contact

500,000 passes min.

Operation Temperature / Humidity

0°C to 50°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation

Storage Temperature / Humidity

-25°C to 80°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation

Net Weight

Approx. 1.6KG (excluding accessories and package)


233L x 69W x 200H mm