Printing Solutions For Catering Industry

Food is the paramount necessity of people. Chinese catering industry has experienced more than 30 years of development and market competition and still keep growing fast. Nowadays, catering industry has entered a new stage of investment entities diversification, business formats diversification, business models chain-orientation and filed industrialization with dramatic development. Besides, along with the popularization and application of Internet technology, emergence of take-out, o2o development and smart catering proposal, the entire catering industry is getting better and better. Under such circumstance, it also puts forward higher requirements for various catering hardware equipment and greater challenges.


Every restauranthas a system that cooperates and operates efficiently from the front desk to the back kitchen. Any mistake in operation may cause order omission and wrong orders, which will further lead to delays,missing or wrong orders for the dishes ordered. It is likely to cause unnecessary disputes, lower customer satisfaction, and consumers’doubt for restaurant service and reputation, as theresult, the restaurant may lose a large number of  customers. At the same time, there also have other factor in catering industry, like large flow of people and frequent occurrence of food withdrawals and additions, making it become critical to face and solve thesecases.

Syncotek 58mm/80mm series food and beverage receipt printers can well satisfy the back-kitchen dish lists printing, queuing call list printing, checkout list printing, and they can also easily realize the take-out dishes and food delivery receipts printing (Including ordering user information, address, ordered dishes, etc.) and other needs. What’s more, the characteristics of waterproof and dust-proof, front-end paper output mode, wall-mounted function, sound and light prompts can perfectly cope with the kitchen environments where full of noise, humidity, steam, and lampblack.